Saturday, January 27, 2007

Welcome home!

Look at this ~ my calendar made it's way home this week!! What a treasure of art it is.
It's so thick and chock-full of wonderful textures, colour and fantastic art by some of altered art's best-est mixed mediaists!
Thank you Beth, Sue, Liz, Caren, Christine, Lorraine, Sharon, Jennifer, Cece, Ruth, and Marci.
You guys have created a wonderful piece of art that I shall always be cherished. Thank you Marci for sending the calendars on to me in rotation without delay. Also I'd like to give a big thank you to Kathy Wasilewski for putting this year-long swap together. It's been a wonderful journey together. I've experimented, stretched, made mistakes, grown and learnt so much from the other talented artists, mentioned above, in the process.
Please note: Thanks to my art buddy Arlene who is so incredibly computer savvy NOT! but who helped me add links to people I mention in my blog. Would that make you computer literate now, Arlene?


Gypsy Purple said...

This looks so amazing...would love to see more


Susan Tuttle said...

It must feel so magical to actually have it in your hands--the book looks amazing!


Ruth Rae said...

your so lucky to have a book that made it back in once piece! I still need to deal with mine!
your blog is looking so lovely all full with your wonderful art!