Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

ABOVE: Two inserts tucked into page one of Beth's December calendar
RIGHT: Page 4 & 5 spread of the calendar

I apologize for the lull in posting blogs ... I see it was December 7th last time I actually put something out there. Thanks to the nagging of a nameless art buddy (Hi ARLENE), I'm FINALLY getting around to getting something done on here.

I've completed the last month of calendar pages ~ hard to believe a whole year has passed since we started this project. December's calendar is Beth's and her theme, Journeys. I created 10 pages, count em, in her book. I won't post all the photos here, but you can check out ALL the pages I completed in other people's calendars in 2006. Now I just have to sit back and patiently (NOT!) wait for my calendar to return home to me. This has been an awesome experience. Thanks to Kathy for heading up this project. I don't have one regret in signing up for this swap. It's been such an awesome learning experience for me all year through.
Next on the agenda ... I need to work on a Valentine Swap and a 5 for 5 ATC swap. It's kind of hard to get back into the artwork mode after Christmas. I need some inspiration ~ quick!


arlene said...

Hooray, *whistle* clap clap clap!!
You're back!

The pages look GREAT. Oooooo...I can't wait to see your calendar when you finally get it back. Do you have any idea how much I enjoyed seeing these books every month? Plus, it was always a good excuse for getting together for a coffee.

Which reminds me, that was fun the other day and even if it cost me way too much money I am very inspired. So is phapboy. You MUST see what he is building! It's amazing! I'll use my Seargent Mom skills to get him to post some pics on his blog.

Let me know how the Valentine swap is coming.


christine said...

Dawn!! :) Wonderful art for Beth!! Hasn't this been fun? But the year flew by -- and we get our calendars home soon!!!!!! Can't wait!