Wednesday, December 12, 2007

13 Days until Christmas ...

... can only mean one thing. Tomorrow, us participants of the 12 Days of Christmas swap finally, finally get to start opening the gifts which have been ever tempting all of us since they arrived one by one via snail mail. Yippee!
It's snowing like crazy outside today. A perfect day to stay indoors. So the natural thing to do was to take my basket of goodies to photograph them outside in the snow to show ya'll.
In other news, I'm currently reading David's novel that he wrote for NaNoWriMo. He proof read mine and now I am returning the favour. Many times as he read my book, Scrabble Secrets, I heard him laugh hysterically. I was certain that it was the witty dialogue and the unrelenting humour throughout. Sadly, for the most part, he was mocking me for my too-numerous to mention grammar faux pas, the "gratuitous advertisements for the Pointy Hat ART Posse", and intermittent song lyrics. Cruel son I've raised!
Oh ya, and his novel, Modern Kind .... It's good, very good. Drat! The boy is making his Ma look bad. Sigh!

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arlene said...

So pretty and enticing. Almost enough to make me go outside in this frozen Northern wasteland. hehehe