Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yesterday some of my favourite people joined me at my house for a cookie exchange ... here are some photos of the yummies and the people who were at the party. Look at the spread! There are lots of sweets, hot apple cider and tea ready to be devoured and divvied up.

Arlene seemed to have coffee in mind when she prepared Walnut Biscotti (left) and Coffee Shortbread Cookies (right)

Gloria prepared some melt-in-your-mouth Pecan Crescents.

My Crispie Apricot-Chocolate Balls are hiding in the reused Tim Horton's coffee cans which I gussied up with ribbons, bows and old Christmas cards.

Thina's All Occasion Cookies (Carrot Cake and Butter Pecan variations)
Thina was unfortunately unable to attend, but here cookies arrived the night before. Arlene was kind enough to take Thina's exchange cookies to her. Thanks Ar.

I've been having some uploading problems, so I'll do this post in two sections ...

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arlene said...

Very fun...and delicious! Loved the games too. Thanks for inviting us!