Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve 2007

Zachary, Me, Greg, David
Zach's holding his ever-present sketch pad and David's got his C++ textbook that he's working through ~ facinating reading, I'm sure.

Irene, my lovely mother-in-law wearing the "Christmas Cook" hat I bought for her. She's actually holding a salad that I made. There's a funny story about cooking Christmas Eve dinner. My husband, Greg volunteered us to cook supper at the in-laws place so that his mom wouldn't be all tired and worn out. She said that we could do that. Of course, when we arrived, the turkey was in the oven, all the veggies were cooking. The desserts were laid out in all their calorie-ridden glory. The only thing left for us to do was make a salad and the gravy. Greg did do all the dishes and pots and pans after the meal which was a great help, but it just cracked me up that he thought that his Ukrainian mother would allow her English daughter-in-law to actually prepare the Christmas meal. Funny guy.

L to R Katie, Hannah, Stacey (Greg's brother), Brittany

David with his new Hemsky poster

Every year, Granny makes Zach his very own Ukrainian bread. Lucky guy eh?!

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