Friday, December 21, 2007

On the 9th Day ... Penelope gave to me

Because the gifts I made are being opened today, I got to open Penelope Harris'#13 gift. And, since not everyone has opened her gift yet, we're not supposed to show any photos of it. However, Photo 1 gives you a sneeky peek. Penelope's gift is amazing and must have taken a lot of time and care to create. Thank you Penelope!

And Photo 2 is of the giftie I made (looking rather red by the light of my Christmas tree) for the other artists in the 12 Days of Christmas swap. It's an Altered Button Card. I had a lot of joy putting these babies together ~ with collage, and individualizing them by adding Scrabble tiles initials on them, antique keys and ribbon. Hopefully everyone will enjoy them.

1 comment:

arlene said...

I LOVE mine Dawn! Thanks for making an extra one for me!