Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The discovery

It all started when I made the discovery ~ a Donny Osmond, two album set at the ReUse Centre. With all the 40-something friends I have, I knew it would come in handy someday. Sure enough, the occasion has presented itself. Nicolette is celebrating her birthday this week! I decided to warp her a record album to hold her Sharpies.

Last night I met up with her for coffee at Starbuck's, and to give her her birthday gift. I painted a wide-eyed portrait for her. It features a psychedelic background and Nic in a teal dress, matching PHAP hat, black leather jacket (turned up collar) with an "I love Elvis" button on it. In her hand, she holds a couple of her trusty Sharpies and of course, a pair of blue suede shoes. The reuse frame was a dark brown, so I gussied it up with hot pink around the edge and orange polka-dots just for the fun of it.

Here's the birthday girl holding her portrait. Isn't the resemblance uncanny?

P.S. Oh, and if you were wondering what I did with the second record and LP cover... when Arlene heard I had a Donny Osmond LP, she casually suggested that she really would love to have the cover. I met her at Indigo yesterday and gave her the cover and one record. She snatched it up immediately and told her son they were gonna go and listen to it just as soon as they got home. She apparently has some creative plans for the album cover. I'm not sure what, but she was muttering something about a shrine above her piano as she clutched the album close to her heart and headed out the door with her 14 year old rolling his eyes behind her.

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arlene said...

Ah yes, it's Puppy Love...the sweetest kind. hehehe