Sunday, March 09, 2008

I love painting over paintings!

There really must be something wrong with me, but I just love painting over old paintings. I'm not talking about an Emily Carr or any of The Group of Seven's work or anything. I'm talking about the kind of paintings that end up at the second hand store or in a garage sale; no longer loved, no longer wanted. In the past while I've found quite a few at the ReUse Centre and instead of going out and buying canvases or even hard board, I've opted to cover the old paintings with a coat of white and start all over again. The first time, I felt a little bit guilty, thinking how the artist would take the news that their painting were being destroyed just so that I could experiment a little and paint these quirky Wide-Eyed portraits.

"Day on the Farm"
My latest painting is a portrait of Susan, a very special friend of ours who owns a horse farm, has 5 kitties and is supposed to be retired. The canvas shown at the top was very bumpy and a challenge to paint over, but that's okay. I did my green duty ~ hehee!
I haven't given Susan her her portrait yet, so I'm counting on her computer illiteracy, and that she won't look at my blog before I get a chance to give her the painting.


arlene said...

Susan's a lucky girl! It's beautiful. LOVE the Dummies book...too funny!
The cats are so hilarious too. Great painting Dawn. Can't wait to see who's next.

Maija said...

I think it's so fabulous when you create a portrait for your friends! What a wonderful way to recognize them, with color and whimsy!