Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Blogoversary winning portrait

Caren Mcnee was the very first person to leave a comment on my 3rd Blogoversary post and was the name pulled out of the pointy party hat draw ~ I'm sure that doesn't happen very often. Anyhoo, I finished her portrait yesterday and here it is. I'm not terribly happy with the colour reproduction of this photograph, (it's much richer in person) but you can get an idea of what the painting looks like. I've added a little photo of Caren with the portrait here, so you can check out the uncanny resemblance between Caren and her portrait. Hehee!

I'm hoping that when the portrait arrives at Caren's house, that she'll have her photo taken holding the portrait as I am trying to collect photos of people with their Wide-eyed Portraits for my files.

Kiwi Caren measures 12 inches x 16 inches. You may want to start looking for a frame, Caren. Let's hope the Canada Post's canoe paddles your painting to you quickly!


dunesza said...

It's gorgeous! I love it Dawn!
:) Caren

MammyT said...

YOur little portraits are great. I was looking through your site a bit to see if I could find any ATC's. My grandchildren and I just started making them this very weekend. I think I'll post some more, but the first ones we made are my Show and Tell today! Mine is awful, Grandon's are great! I think these will be fun. I'd like to find a trade challenge for kids. Do you know of any?