Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tag ... I'm it!

Caren has tagged me in a Book Tag.

Here are the rules :
Pick up a book of at least 123 pages.
Open the book
to page 123.
Find the fifth sentence.
Then post the next three sentences.
Finally, tag five people to do the same.

The book I chose is Sholom Aleichhem's Tevye's Daughters, the novel that Fiddler on the Roof was loosely based on.

"Said Pessie, "You must have quite a few enemies."
"I have enough, God be thanked," countered Sossie.
"May they be planted in great numbers and fail to come up."
"Soince when have you become such a shrew?" asked Pessie.

Now it's my turn to tag the following folks. I hope they'll wanna play too!

Charlotte at Alice Overground
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Ruth at My Creative Soul
Cindy at The Joyful Artist
Arlene at ART De Me

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arlene said...

Can I play when I get home? I love it!