Friday, April 04, 2008

Christmas in April

Can't remember where I saw the first bulb wreath, but I started collecting old Christmas tree bulbs at the ReUse Centre soon after with the hope of collecting enough to make one. Well I did collect enough and here is the result ~ my first Christmas Bulb Wreath.

This one measures about 17 inches in diameter. Once I collect more bulbs, I think I'll make a couple more for Christmas gifts. The only thing is, is that these babies are going to be difficult to store. Perhaps I'll make some wreaths with newer, non-breakable bulbs. Also if I want to hang one on my door, I'll have to make it entirely out of non-breakables.


Maija said...

It is spectacular, Dawn!

dunesza said...

You've been tagged, my dear:)
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:) Caren