Saturday, March 27, 2010

Unknown Artists

If you have ever visited our home, one of the first things you will have noticed is that i don't have the typical "sofa-size painting" as the focal point in our living room. Instead, I have chosen an eclectic collection of original art to adorn every available space. Most of the art is the work of family and friends who enjoy painting.However, some of the paintings, like the ones I'm showing you here, are done by unknown (to me) artists. They come from different sources including garage sales and the ReUse Centre.
These works of art are a mystery to me. Who is the artist? When did they create the painting? If it's a portrait, who is the person in the painting? Almost for sure, I'll never know the answers to my questions, but in the meantime, these paintings have been given a second look, and a new home after they were discarded by someone who didn't see their value.
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arlene said...

I LOVE your living room art gallery!! And there is something so haunting about that top painting. I adore it!

Dawn said...

Me too Arlene!

Kim Mailhot said...

I think about this sometimes - especially as I have no kids to pass my art down too - will it eventually end up in a recycling bin or will someone else give it some love like you did with the pieces of themselves these "unknown" artists put out into the glad there are people like you in this life, Dawn. You give me hope.
Hmmm that is very philosphical for a rainy Tuesday morning...maybe that bodes well for some art making later on...
Big Love to you , Creative One !

Patty said...
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