Monday, February 07, 2011

Feeling the creativity bug!

The Creativity Bug has struck and I'm super excited! I want to create again. I finished up a couple art commitments that I had hanging over my head and now I am doing a small Property Master/Costumes job for a play at my son's university, which is exciting. And, I plan to finish off my latest chair which has been 3/4 done since last summer! So there are a lot of things to create, so I need to get down to it. You know the problem with most artists is their BIG IDEAS and their propensity to procrastinate! Perhaps if I talk about it here on my blog, then I will be held somewhat accountable and actually doing some of this stuff I have swirling about in my head.

I would also like to do some painting and experimentation in themes. This scares me because I feel under-confident about stretching my artistic muscles. Guess I need to tell the old inner critic to get out of my face and take a flying leap, eh?

What do you do to stop procrastinate and become inspired to create?


rochambeau said...

Sounds exciting Dawn. What a nice bug to be bitten by! The creative bug!!


Stefanos said...

Oftimes, it's my wife that goads the creative bug to take hold of me.