Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrifting with Dawn

Why don't they make fun commercials like this anymore!
Do you remember the Dawn Doll? It was introduced in 1970,
ignore what it says on the YouTube title above. More about Dawn Doll later in this post ...

Today, my friend Shelly and I decided to do some thrifting.
We hit three spots: Goodwill, Value Village and The Bargain Shoppe.

Overall, it was typical ~ over inflated prices and very little to really grab our attention. We cannot wait for garage sale season to start again! Anyway, I digress ...

There I found a delicate candy dish (Princess House, 1.99) a Reitman's brown turtleneck (the tags were still on it, 4.99) and a small set of Spectrum watercolour pencil crayons (1.99).

Ugly Find of the Day
When my eyes beheld this "beauty" at Goodwill, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I had indeed found the one item that was truly dreadful enough to draw my camera out of my purse to take my "Ugly Find of the Day Photo". I think this one may be classified under the category
"It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time"
Behold its majestic nastiness ... This came from Pier 1 Imports?! Are you kidding me??

Anyway ... our second stop was at Value Village. I found nothing there.

Our third and final destination was The Bargain Shoppe, (a charity store which supports a downtown mission). The store was virtually splitting at the seams with an over abundance of goods! A couple years ago, when this store first opened its doors, it was a breath of fresh air. Everything was clean, orderly and most importantly, the prices were exceptionally reasonable. I remember back then Shelly remarking to the lady behind the counter how impressed she was with the prices. She added: "I hope you will keep the prices reasonable like this."
The lady insured us that the prices would always be reasonable.
Fast forward to now ... the prices are no longer reasonable like they once were,
and I wonder if that is the reason there is so much stuff in the store.
The customers don't like the prices and just aren't buying as much because of it.

Find of the Day
Back to today.
After looking around The Bargain Shoppe, I was about to leave the store empty handed when I happened to glance into a cabinet that was holding a Dawn Doll Case!
At first I thought it was just a case. However, upon opening it, I realized it was so much more ~ it included 4 dolls: Dawn, Glori, Angie and Head to Toe Dawn and clothes and accessories (9.99). Be still my heart ~ I had to buy it! I will add my own Dawn Doll that I have kept from my childhood and she can have some company finally
and they can share clothes and have fashion shows and ...

... what have you found in your recent thrifting adventures?


Nicolette said...

I think I still have my Dawn doll!
I am so excited for you to have found this treasure! Most envious...
some day I will have to show you my kiddles collection...

Kim Mailhot said...

I have been doing the opposite, Dawn ! I have been bringing things to the Goodwill store and have in fact been quite ruthless with getting rid of some stuff that had some sentimenatl value but that has been sitting in cupboards for far too long un-used and unloved. Instead, maybe someone will like it and love it at the Good will store and take it home !
The need for some airy-ness and space for new was my driving force...
I could see why you couldn't walk away from Dawn, though...
Have fun with your finds !

Dawn said...

Nic ~ we'll have to have a playdate and you can bring your doll and clothes over and I'll share my dolls and clothes with you! I was thinking it would be fun to make some outta sight clothes too, eh? Totally groovy!

Kim ~ you're such a good girl purging junk so people like me can further fill their basements :)

Barbara Jean said...

Great find Dawn.
Please be sure to let me know if you make anything up from my tutorials.
I like to show them off to my friends. =)

barbara jean said...

Thanks so much for your very nice comment on my 70's table redo! Much appreciated and I was also so happy to come to your blog and find you are an artist. Much love for that because I consider myself times lol. I am now your newest follower and I am about to tool around your blog and see what you have going on.
Thanks again.


Kathy said...

Sweet your find on the Dawn dolls.. wow.. do you think it would be ok if Skipper came to play? lol I did hit a thrift shop the other day.. so disappointing.. can hardly wait for the first garage sale!!

Mary Ann said...

That ugly think from Pier 1...what was it for? I couldn't read the label in the picture.