Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sketch Club 1

Recently, I came up with an idea ~ Sketch Club.
The ideas is simple.
Once a month,
a location and time will be announced.
then people will be asked to join us, and to
bring a pencil, sketch book, pencil and eraser with them.
(All skill levels are welcome)
Today's location was at Steeps the Urban Tea House on Whyte Avenue.
Four of us showed up for the first Sketch Club gathering.
What a perfect way to spend a Saturday morning ...
good friends, unstructured art making and tea!


Nicolette said...

This was so much FUN!!!
I am still on a creative HIGH from it, can't wait until the next one, my friend...

Anonymous said...

looks like fun!

Shirley said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. It was nice to hear that someone tried one of my recipes. I only put one avocado because it is usually so hard to find even one that I'm willing to buy. Right now they are so small that I wonder if there is anything more than the seed inside! Garlic must have been nice in it.

Your sketch club sounds like fun. I've never seen one in Finland.

Stefanos said...

Caitlin would have been there, but we didn't have a place to drop our daughters! Maybe next month!

Dawn said...

What a great idea.... x