Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gotta keep a few, once in a while.

Today I completed the 9 ATCs for Nicolette's Elvis swap. It was fun to create these ATCs ~ too bad I didn't have an Elvis CD to listen to while I created. Oh well. I also made a little something special to go along with the ATCs for each participant.

I'm also trying to finish off a few pieces for other people that I promised to complete. Hope to have them all done in time for the Pointy Hat ART Posse meeting on Monday night.

The ATC shown here is one that I made to keep for my personal collection. Although I've traded hundreds of ATCs over the past three years, I've kept very few for myself. It's nice to have some to show when people ask to see some of my own ATCs. I've gotta keep a few, once in a while.

The hats these ladies are wearing read: "create", "know your style" and "magic" ~ appropriate I think. When I make pointy hats using words, I don't always pick and choose, but today I was in the mood to do just that.

Just had a thought ... perhaps I should make an altered book, with this ATC on the cover, and display some of the many ATCs that I've received from fellow posse members. I do have quite a collection of ATCs from my local art buddies here.

Well I'm off to the library to return some books and maybe find some inspiration for the last project I have to work on for Monday night. See you again soon.


Christine said...

Dawn -- LOVE this one!!!! I know what you mean about keeping art -- rarely happens!!

arlene said...

I'm gonna miss the art! I'll try to check in from Mexico...see ya' soon!