Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spendin' a little time with my friends

My art buddy Arlene and her two great kids came over yesterday to play. I showed her the RR calendar that I'm working on currently (which I received in the mail the day before ~ perfect timing, eh)? Lots of eye candy in it for sure. Ruth, the person who is the original creator of this particular calendar did an absolutely beautiful job on setting the tone for it.

The theme is "Asian Victorian". Pictures certainly cannot show just how lovely this book is ~ but I'll show a couple here anyway. The first is a side view of the calendar. Look at the side view of this thing! And this is with only 3 people having worked on it. Imagine how it'll be when it's completed.

I wish I'd taken a photo of the recyled soup tin Arlene created while she was at my house. It had a tea theme and was absolutely gorgeous!


Ruth Rae said...

you cant just post a side view of my book! I will go crazy if you don't show me what you put inside! :)
(but I must say that the side view is fun!)

christine34243 said...

I cannnnot believe how fat Ruth's calendar is already!!! It's going to be an epic when finished!!