Thursday, March 09, 2006

March's desk calendar RR spreads

Here are the four pages I created in Ruth Rae's calendar. Although most of her book is in fabric, I stuck to my Vintage Grunge look on paper. Anyone who knows me, knows I've got an acute case of Fabricphobia! I love and appreciate the work others do with fabric, but I have difficulty in using it in my own work.

On the fourth page, I ripped a photo of one of van Gogh's Asian influenced work of a pear tree in blossom. Then using my latest favourite medium, soft pastel, I added my own impressionism to the page.

I think I'm finished with Ruth's calendar ... but you never know ... I may just have to add some more embellies if I can find the right ones!

On another note ... it's snowing like cats and dogs this morning. Strange winter ... no snow all winter until March. Go figure. Anyway, I'm off to Tim Horton's to Rrrrroll-up-the-Rrrrrim (Canadians will know what I mean by that) and have coffee with my friend Nicolette. She wants to see Ruth's calendar before I send it off in the mail again. Have a cozy day!


arlene said...

Scrumtious! Now, go to Timmy's and win a car, eh?

Christine said...

I love pockets -- these pages are wonnnnnderful :)