Saturday, March 20, 2010

And the winner is ...

There were a whopping 4 people who entered my 5th Blogoversary draw: Kim,  Dale Anne, Dorothy and Maija
And ta-da, Dorothy's name came out of the old draw hat. Congratulations Dorothy! I'm very happy that you entered this 4~in~1~chance drawing. *smiles*    Also it's ever so handy that you happen to live close by so you won't have to wait too long to claim your prize!
So what does Dorothy win? She is the recipient of a girly-girl Shelf Sitter that I created with a wonderful Ralph Waldo Emerson quote on it. I hope she has a nice shelf to put her pretty hand-painted Shelf Sitter on.

I do appreciate everyone who stops by my blog, whether they leave comments or not. Here's to another great year of blogging at Art of Humungous Proportions: Where ART 

and LIFE meet.


Dale Anne said...


Kim Mailhot said...

Congrats Dorothy ! Happy Blogaversary again, Dawn and thank you for all you bring to this wonderful place called Blogland.
Cheers !

Dorothy said...

Ahh! Thank you! It looks fantastic on my shelf, if I get around to it I'll take a photo and make a blog post about it. :)
I love it! What a lovely surprise to get at the play tonight.

Linda Crispell said...

What a lovely quote. Congrats on five years of blogging, you were ahead of your time.