Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunshine Award

The lovely,  the talented, artist extraordinare, 
Maria Pace-Wynters has nominated me for a Sunshine Award. Now, I choose 12 bloggers who bring sunshine into my life. 
Only 12? There are so many, but since I must only choose a mere 12, I will try to introduce you to some of my faves.

The rules for accepting the Sunshine award: Put the logo on your blog or within your post; then pass the award onto 12 other bloggers;  finally, link the nominees within your post.

Here are my Sunshine Award nominations:

Thanks Maria for the nod ~ you truly brightened my day.


The Feathered Nest said...

What a sweetie you are!!! Thank you so very much Dawn!! I am so honored that you think of my blog that way ~ you can definitely tell I love blogging and the wonderful friends that I've made here. Thank you again sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn

julie (jane's apron) said...

Thank you Dawn!

Anonymous said...

You soooo deserve it. Thanks for sharing these other wonderful blogs!


arlene said...

Ahh thanks Dawn! how sweet to include me. I am a total failure as a bloggist lately, but I do appreciate it. I especially appreciate all your nifty links to really great blogs! I'm going exploring!

Donna O. said...

Thank you, Dawn and it's nice to meet you.
PS- healing wishes to you and your family. Your sweet mom looks like she was a very kind soul.

Linda Crispell said...

Dear Dawn,
Thank you for your kind recognition. You are a dear and I am a fan of your lovely blog!!! We are in the middle of our far away move, and this was such a nice surprise.
Your Pal,

Jennifer Conway said...

Thanks so much Dawn - you made my day! *smiles* ~Jen