Tuesday, March 09, 2010

She loved ...

It has been a tough week for our family. My mom passed away on March 2nd. The following was something I wrote about her which was read by my brother at her funeral.

She Loved …

She loved … Holding babies and, after the birth of each grandchild she would offer to go help out the new parents adjust to life with their new babies, often getting up in the night to be there if her assistance was needed.

She loved … Children, and would always have some mints in her pockets in time for church services to keep the little ones happy during service.

She loved … to make everyone's birthday special. She would make a cake for everyone of her children and serve it off of her silver cake plate.

She loved … to spend hours on the telephone talking (but mostly listening) to her friend Edna on the telephone even though the two lived just a few houses away from each other.

She loved … loved taking home movies and would play, on request a B&W Popeye cartoon backwards, much to the delight of her small children.

She loved … to go shopping. But she would never go out wearing one of her house dresses. Going to town was an occasion to dress up.

She loved … photo albums, and would be more than happy to share her family photos with anyone who happened to stop by for tea.

She loved … to watch Figure Skating on TV, and also the 6 o'clock news, which she would invariably fall asleep watching. When someone would say: Mom you're sleeping; she would say: No I was just resting my eyes ~ even though snoring was sometimes involved.

She loved … purchasing small Christmas gifts for her husband, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Not one person was ever left out.

She loved … making quilts for her children, grandchildren, her sisters and friends.

She loved … loved her pearls. (you may notice some of the ladies here wearing a strand in her honour)

She loved … Jigsaw Puzzles, Crosswords, Crocheting and Knitting.

She loved … phoning and writing letters, sending out birthday, anniversary and Christmas cards and she would always want to know if you had “heard from any of the family lately”.

She loved … when people remarked that she looked like Queen Elizabeth II, although she would blush a little, she seemed equally pleased. When one of her grandkids first noticed the Queen on the back of a loonie, he said ~ That looks JUST LIKE Grandma!

She loved … pink and learned to love purple in later years and appreciated receiving every kind of flower from dandelions to roses.

She loved … to sing, both songs from the old days, and the hymns of faith. She knew hundreds of song lyrics by heart.

She loved … to encourage her her family in music and art, proudly listening to every bad note made by a new pianist to display every drawing given to her by a child.

She loved … her family, and people of all backgrounds. But most of all she loved God and tried all her life to love others as she was loved by Him. She was loved and so she loved. 


Nicolette said...

what a BEAUTIFUL tribute! It brought tears to my eyes.

I can see a lot of her in you, my friend!

Yes, she definitely loved, and I can see that she was much loved as well.

Linda Crispell said...

I am so sorry to read about the passing of your Mother. She was clearly a very lovely person, and after reading the list of things she loved, it makes me wish I had know her, too.

Kim Mailhot said...

I am sorry for the deep loss you are feeling right now, Dawn. Knowing your Mom is at peace and resting well now must be some comfort to you and your family. And knowing that she loved and was loved so well.
Big hugs, lovely Lady.