Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a Blogoversary giveaway!

It's been five years since I took my first step into Blogland; what an adventure this has been! I don't blog every single day like some, I don't have the perfect looking blog. But I do appreciate all you who venture over to ART of Humungous Proportions (where Art and Life meet) to see what creative madness I am up to at any given moment.

When I was trying to choose a graphic to use for this special post, I thought "Birthday Cakes" and then I thought of Lace Cakes! You will notice the beautiful Lace Cake pictured here. It is the gorgeous invention of my sweet friend, Laura of the ever-beautiful All about Pretty blog. This particular Lace Cake is available in her Etsy shop here.

I will be holding a giveaway in celebration of my 5th year of blogging. Just leave a comment below ~ tell me something you have enjoyed on this blog along the way, or what you would like to see in the future, and I'll put your name into a draw for a handmade creation by moi. If you mention the giveaway on your blog with a link back here, I'll put your name into the draw two times ~ yay!

The draw date will be Saturday, March 20th.
Spread the word, share the fun!


Kim Mailhot said...

Happy Blogaversary !I saw your post and remembered that we had anniversaries around the same time and found out I missed mine on the 8th ! Oh well..that is easy to take care of later...
I am always happy to read a post here, Dawn. You are always so genuine and real and you share wonderful things you are enthusiastic about. So what I like best about this blog is its mistress ! ;)
Congrats of five wonderful years sharing sweet bits of yoruself. Cheers, my friend !

Dale Anne said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the 5th anniversary of your blog! Have enjoyed reading it and I apologize for lurking & not commenting.
I ENJOY seeing your art!!!

Dorothy said...

Congratulations! It's been a pleasure to read your lovely blog! I'm not sure what the best part is, I really enjoy all your posts, but it is always great to see your latest projects.
Happy blogoversary!

Maija said...

Congrats on your anniversary- please throw my name in the hat!!

Dawn Supina said...

Kim ~ I always enjoy your cheery comments along the way.

Dale Anne ~ Glad you stop by from time to time to look at what's happening on my blog!

Dorothy ~ I'm very happy that you enjoy perusing Humungous ART!

Maija ~ My hat now has your name in it too. Thanks for reading my blog.

Linda Crispell said...

Wow, five years of blogging and you still have creative and fresh posts!!! Congratulations!
I enjoy the variety of subject matter that you share with your reader, and of course I love the peeling paint.