Friday, August 01, 2008

Journal challenge while Sarah's away

I was talking to my ART buddy, Arlene on the phone and we were bemoaning the fact that Sarah is away. So we decided that we would challenge each other to a magazine scavenger hunt. Here's the plan. We will each post a list of 20 items on our blogs, find each item in a magazine and then create a collage in our journals. So if anyone wants to join us, please do!

1. the letter F
2. animal
3. something musical
4. a glass
5. a child
6. piece of art hanging on a wall
7. fruit
8. something sparkly
9. the letter U
10. something blue
11. a clock
12. outdoors
13. food
14. flower
15. something sweet
16. something red
17. the letter N
18. shoe
19. chair
20. a smile
Create a collage in your journal using these images. Write the title of the collage on your page. Leave me a comment if you decide to play along!


arlene said...

Decide to play?? You mean I have a choice?? LOL

I like it!

DALE said...

I just finsihed my collage of your list. AND I posted another challenge list, if you'd like to do another. :)