Saturday, August 30, 2008

My finds today

I was running the sons around to various places all over the map today. However, I did find time to hit a garage sale and HomeSense ~ my most-est favourite-est store in the whole wide world! The four tea-light lamps came from the garage sale and the beautiful iron angel from HomeSense. Did I mention it's my most-est favourite-est store in the whole wide world?!

My beautiful angel is physically disabled. She is, in fact, an amputee. That is why I got her on sale for a song. *This is me doing my happy dance!* At first I thought I'd get some polymer clay and sculpt a new arm for her. But my son Zach reminded me that many old statues have limbs missing. So my angel shall remain the way she is. Isn't that typical of us humans, always trying to "fix" things that are beautiful just the way they are?


Kel said...

We bought a new nativity scene & when we opened handed angel. We had to keep it because a friend suggested when we get to the pearly gates the angel waiting for us may only have one hand!! Now we embrace physically disabled angels. So great purchase.

Laume said...

I went to this museum once. Well, three times actually. They've got all these pretty statues there and you're right - lots of them were missing arms or feet or even heads! I think it was called The Louvre?


I agree, your angel is pretty just as she is