Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Tiny Tuesday Challenge

I was reading ART DE ME today ~ seems Arlene was taking up a challenge that she found on the Funky Art Queen blog. So I checked it out and decided to play.

For the challenge I had to find 10 tiny things, group them together for a picture and post them to my blog. Then I tell you why I picked them and then leave a comment on Funky's blog with a link to mine.

My tiny items include (L to R)
1. A Sparkly bead
2. Candlestick Clue game piece
3. Wooden spool of thread
4. Elf
5. Old game piece
6. Scrabble tile
7. Vintage Christmas tree bulb
8. Marble
9. Bakelite button
10. Retro suitcase key
I chose these goodies because they are a part of a larger collection of tiny retro objects I collect and keep in different jars in my livingroom and ART studio. So many fun things!

Hope you enjoyed looking at my little treasures. Make sure you check out the links in this posting.

I think I'll go over to Creative Sandwich now to see if Bessie & Bea are going to do the challenge. I'm sure that would be entertaining with those slightly eccentric ladies!


arlene said...

That was fun, wasn't it?
I love the game pieces! Especially the candlestick...(tell me, was it Colonel Mustard in the Drawing Room?)
I was SO tempted to just do marbles. I just couldn't choose only ten. It was too hard, so the rocks won out.
(Maybe Ruby will contribute over at Creative Sandwich too. I must check!)

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Love your collection of little objects! I could spend hours just looking in each jar! Renea

Funky Art Queen said...

Love it. Looks like stuff I have in my jars in the craft room. Thanks for participating in my challenge. Come back to keep an eye out for postings.

Laume said...

You've inspired me - not to do the project, but to move some of my tiny art miscellaneous into jars. I've been keeping them in plastic tubs and then I forget I have them and to use them. I have tons of old jar. In your photo the things look lovely and arty just being displayed in the jars, plus they're out where you can be inspired to use them in other art. Thanks!

Jennifer Conway said...

You inspired me to play along too! All your little collections look very, very similar to my little collections - I've just spent a loooong time inspecting your photo of treasure jars! Thanks for sharing!

Kim Mailhot said...

Wow, you have a huge collection of tiny things ! How fun !
I love the assortment you put together for the challenge ! Something very artistic in the way they fit together... Love the pop of red of the bulb !
Congrats on our colorful entry !

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn, Glad I found your blog from Sarah's page. I do love the glass jars they look so appealing too.

Thanks for commenting on my blog, and the tips. MY hound will check all the answers after his coffee.