Friday, February 13, 2009

Back to Day 7 for a moment ...

I couldn't reveal Sabina's Bonus Day gift for the Canadian Valentine ART Swap until now because we had to wait until everyone had opened their gifts. That was really hard, I must say, because half of the fun of these swaps is sharing the beautiful work of the other people in the swap.

Here then is the 6"x8" canvas that Sabina made for me using acrylics, glitter rhinestones, lace and fabric flowers. At first glance, I immediately thought of the beauty of snowflakes late at night falling silently to the ground. Each one is unique and beautiful, untouched. So when I look at this piece, I will think of Sabina and peaceful winter nights. I'm also thinking a piping hot cup of tea should be involved as well :)

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Laura ~ all about Pretty! said...

oooohhhh, so nice! Sabina did a fab job! I love mine too! the flowers she used are too die for! and she's right, you deserve them as hostess with the mostess, thanks for a fun first swap for me, on to the next...!!! Tu-de-lu, Laura