Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blog Interview #10 ~ Deryn Mentock, Something Sublime

Today we have the ever-lovely Deryn Mentock of Something Sublime with us. Deryn, briefly tell us a little about yourself.
I'm originally from the Portland, Oregon area. I grew up creating and had my fingers in many different mediums: photography, stained glass, sewing, jewelry, calligraphy, painting and all types of crafts. I live in the South now and, while it took me ten years to get used to the climate; the people are incredible.

Why did you name your blog Something Sublime?
When I decided to set up my blog, [in] October 2005, I did some research and word play in the process of creating my artist's statement and several bios as well as a name. I wanted something with an elegant feel but something that would reflect my work as well. When I looked up the definition for "sublime" I knew I wanted that word in my blog's name:
Sublime: 1. Characterized by nobility; majestic. 2. a. Of high spiritual, moral or intellectual worth. b. Not to be excelled; supreme. 3. Inspiring awe; impressive. 4. to convert (something inferior) into something of higher worth." It's a word that describes the most important thing in my life -- God. The last part of the definition especially spoke to me. It describes my jewelry creations but, more importantly, it describes what God has done for me, in my life. He took my broken, inferior life and transformed it, and me, into something of higher worth.

What did you talk about on your very first post?
This might sound crazy but, I'm in love with my blog! I love blogging and the personal connections it's brought into my life. I love that I can exhibit my jewelry and artwork in my own private gallery. More important than these things, my blog is a way for me to share my faith.

Do you prefer to blog with words or pictures or both?
Oh, by far, pictures. The fewer words the better. I think that readers don't have a lot of time for windy descriptions and long dissertations. My training as a legal assistant doesn't allow for too much wordiness! I like to keep it as short and sweet as possible and let the photos do the talking. I think it's also extremely important to keep the discussion interesting but positive.

Have you met people through blogging?
I've met a lot of wonderful people through blogging and developed some good friendships that mean a lot to me. I'm blessed by readers who are very kind and good about leaving me comments, which I really appreciate. They are also very generous and are constantly gifting me with treasures that I use in my work.
I adore my readers!

Describe a special friendship you've developed through blogging.
The first friendship I developed through blogging was with my good friend Deb Trotter. She already had a beautiful blog called Cowboy's Sweetheart and really encouraged me to create one. She was instrumental in helping me get it set up and in supporting me with my new endeavor.
Did you design your blog or did you have it professionally done?
I designed my blog, including my banners. It's important to me that I can have control of it and change things around when I need to.

I know you've been published numerous times over the years, have you ever been featured in Artful Blogging?
I'm honored to say, yes! I was featured in the Summer 2008 issue. They did a fabulous job with my article and it was very exciting to be featured. It was thrilling to see my own photos in the article.

What does your "About Me" read on your blog?
My about page also features a picture of a collage that I did that features a xerography print of my great grandmother. It's a collage that is a sort of combination muse/brand for me.
My about page also has various links to other sites my artwork can be found such as my Etsy site and another blog I've set up for a jewelry challenge I'm working on.

What feature do you like the most about your blog?
I love my banners. At first I had a lot of frustration creating custom banners but now that I have it down, I enjoy creating them.
I'd like to have enough computer knowledge to really customize the sidebars but that may be something that has to wait.

What adjectives or themes would best describe your blog?
My blog has a pretty obvious Christian theme. It's not always blatant but it surfaces fairly often. Writing about my faith is something I do with intention. It's been one of my purposes for my blog from the start.

What inspires you?
God, my faith, scriptures, music and nature all inspire me. Also, the human factor inspires me greatly...why people behave the way they do; what their belief systems and worldviews are; emotions and words.

What is your blogger count at, at this precise moment?
If you mean the number of visitors I get daily, well...I can't divulge that information! I try very hard to mind my own blogging business where statistics are concerned and try not to get too caught up in how many hits or visitors I, or anyone else, have. I'm grateful to have a healthy following and fantastic readers and that's really all that matters to me!

What directions would you like to take Something Sublime in?
When I first started my blog, I wanted to keep it very impersonal ... strictly photos and writing about artwork. As the years have passed, I've discovered that, for some reason, people seem to want a more intimate view of my little world. I'm a very private person and I don't enjoy talking about myself much so that's a direction I'm working on, a little bit at a time. My real hope is to have some small amount of influence for good and that my blog would be an inspiration to those who visit.

Do you sell your artwork through your blog?
I have an Etsy site.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?
Once again, I'm really grateful to have such wonderful readers. I'm astounded at the kind and generous comments and support I've received from them. Blogging has been a great, creative outlet for me but, the encouragement and positive feedback I've had has far outweighed anything I expected. If you don't have a blog but have been thinking about setting one up, I highly encourage it. The networking is invaluable, as are the new friendships you'll develop.
Thanks for having me, Dawn!


Lori Anderson Designs said...

I just love her work....

sherry lee said...

I'm quite taken with how Deryn incorporates her faith in her words and her work. She's found a way to blend and balance who she is with what she does. Wonderful.

Brenda Seaholm-Wampler said...

I am a big fan of Deryn's creations, so it was wonderful to read this interview with her. Thanks again Dawn!

Fanciful Expressions said...

I'm one of many fans that Deryn has. I enjoy her work and am inspired by it. Thank you for your interview with her.


Contessa Kris said...

Deryn's work is just gorgeous. Thanks so much for featuring her so we could get to know her better.

Lana said...

What a wonderful interview! I've enjoyed visiting Deryn's blog over the last few months and seeing her creations as well as reading about her faith.
I'm glad she linked to your blog ~ I'll be back to read more!

Ann Widner said...

Deryn's sharing of her faith on her blog really inspires me! It helps to see other artists who rely on God and who give total credit to God for everything. Reading her blog gives me courage to share my faith more! She is a huge blessing to all her readers!!

Precious Maille said...

I'm one of those lucky people who've been fortunate enough to meet Deryn in person. I can say with the utmost confidence that she is every bit as wonderful in person as her blog is. I'm proud to call her a friend!