Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 10 is bound to be special

Here is a close up peek of the treasure my dear friend Arlene created for the very last day of the 2009 Canadian Valentine ART Swap.

She calls her creation: Shabby Doodles ...

It's a hand bound cloth Shabby Chic book she made for us to pop into our purses and whenever
inspiration strikes, we're supposed to snatch these out and start doodling, scribbling, whatever. That Arlene always trying to get us to do something! Not that I'm complaining, I think this book is amazing and the perfect way to finish up this Valentine Swap. I hope you've enjoyed seeing all the treasures along the way, and I'm sure that at least some of us will be up for another swap sometime soon. There is some talk of us Canadian Chicks doing some sort of swap for Mother's Day. I can't wait!

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