Monday, February 16, 2009

Remember the chair I was painting?

Remember this?

And this?


How about when Zach did this?

Well, I've finally got down to doing this:

The fourth panel of my Faux Gogh chair is the one I've dreaded the most. When you take a real close look at Vincent Van Gogh's Irises, you can begin to understand what I mean. Every single one of his irises is unique. He obviously studied the flowers' shapes and movements when he interpreted them with twisting, curling strokes. The tangled web of irises, leaves and stems are enough to drive anyone mad.

So far, I've painted the yellow background and some of the long stems. Knowing when to quit (let the painting be for a while) is really important, and so that is why I have left it for now until I can complete the panel and be happy with what I've done.

Once I have completed the fourth panel, I will start on the finishing touches. For one thing, I need to paint the underside of the seat cushion; then there are a few details on the two side panels that need to be done and then it'll be completed. Finished. Done.

Then ... I'll be on the hunt for another chair to start the agony and torture all over again. I love this!


Kim Mailhot said...

Oh Dawn...It is such a work of art ! Amazing ! For me there is something about such a practical item in our everyday lives coming to life as a work of art in this way ! So very cool !

Inspite of the agony and torture ;-)...keep on painting Lady ! It is amazing !

Dawn Supina said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts (and cheerleading!), Kim. Yes, I think one of the most amazing things is to actually USE art that I create. It's funny, because most people are almost afraid to sit in the chair, but once I assure them that it's okay, they love to sit in it. I even bought myself a granny square baby quilt to snuggle up in it!

Anne said...

What a fabulous project. And a way to make a house a home ... by filling it with homemade creations featuring things you love. Have fun! :-)

Dawn Supina said...

Yes Anne,
I really do love doing this ~ does it show? :)
Stop by the blog again soon!
~ Dawn.

arlene said...

This is amazing!! I can't wait to see the iris's. It is more gorgeous every time I look at it...must be magic!

Sabii Wabii said...

I want it!

Deb Plapp said...

Hi Dawn, I came by your blog from Dawn E. @ The Feathered Nest. WOW! what an amazing chair!!! I have an armchair similar to yours. I don't know what I was thinking when I picked out the off-white fabric, I have 2 dogs and a black cat, need I say more? I could never do work like yours, but wondered what kind of paint do you use, and do you need to treat it with something afterwards? My chair looks awful, and if I could even do some simple pattern it might look better without having it recovered again. Thanks much. Deb Plapp,

Anonymous said...

Dawn, this is so beautiful! Amazing!